This campaign has been organised and funded by the healthcare company Chiesi Ltd.

For further information and advice on asthma please contact your doctor or asthma nurse.

Defined by my Dreams,
not by Asthma


Do you feel defined by your Asthma?

8 million people – over 12% of the population in the UK have been diagnosed with asthma.1

Get to know the team of inspirational ambassadors, who have first-hand knowledge of the impact that asthma can have. Whose stories demonstrate that asthma should not define you, it’s just one part of you. From various walks of life, the ambassadors share their own unique experiences of living with the condition.

Discover how the ambassadors have understood and managed asthma, adjusting their lifestyles with the support of their doctor and asthma nurse, as well as family and friends, so they could ultimately pursue their dreams.

Our Ambassadors


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