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For further information and advice on asthma please contact your doctor or asthma nurse.

My Lung Letter

Hi, I’m Nicola Adams. Most people know me as a two-time Olympic champion, former WBO Flyweight champion and recent contestant on Strictly Come Dancing, but not necessarily as somebody who has asthma. It’s not a story I’ve talked about much previously, but I hope to inspire others who have asthma with my words – here’s my lung letter.

Diagnosed as a child, my doctor actively told my mum that I shouldn’t be allowed to run around too much, as my asthma was exercise induced. Now, as an adult I have gone on to win two Olympic golds – I’ve exceeded expectations. Asthma is always in the back of my mind, but I’m proud to say I think it is my dreams that define me and not asthma.

To learn more about my story, watch this video.

Symptoms & Triggers

Recognising my symptoms and triggers has been key to me understanding my asthma and feeling empowered to live with it.

Like all asthma sufferers, I have different triggers which I’ve learned to recognise and understand over time – both in terms of avoiding them where I can, but also knowing how to minimise risk so that I’m doing everything I can to not let my asthma hold me back.

To learn more about my symptoms and triggers and how I manage them, watch this video.

Emotional Well-being

I’m incredibly comfortable with the person I am today and as an adult that’s easier to say. But as a kid, it wasn’t quite as easy. I do think that people with asthma suffer from negative stigma. Something that is probably ingrained from childhood.

I often found the asthma characters in books, comics or TV programmes, were portrayed as the nerdy or geeky one and as a result I was teased a bit at school. It’s so important that we challenge these stereotypes, as they’re just not reflective of the condition at all. If you manage your condition and understand your personal limitations, then you’re in control to be whoever you want to be.

To learn more about my attitude towards stigma, watch this video.

Overcoming Challenges

I’ve grown up facing barriers and challenges throughout my life. From being the only girl at my youth boxing club, to being the first British female to win Olympic Gold in boxing. I believe challenges are there to be overcome and that’s exactly what I’ve done. One barrier I have had to face every day, is the fact I have asthma, but this is one I’ve learnt to manage.

My asthma is under control now, but it’s still a part of my life, as it is for all sufferers. I’ve learnt that you can achieve so much by having the right plan in place for your asthma.

To learn more about barriers I’ve faced and overcome, watch this video.

Support Networks

I feel very fortunate to have managed my asthma and I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved, but I do also know how scary it can be. I remember what it was like to feel afraid of doing anything for fear of triggering my asthma, and I remember being so aware that people close to me were scared too, and that only increases your anxiety, especially as a child when you just want someone to tell you everything is going to be OK.

Find out more about the importance of support networks, watch this video.

Pursuing Passions

I hope that by sharing my experience and getting more people talking about asthma, we can start to normalise it and show people that with the right asthma plan we can still do the things we love.

If you feel inspired by my story and want to start a new challenge in your life, always remember to seek the advice of your doctor or asthma nurse as a first step.

With this in mind, I’m setting England cricketer and fellow ambassador, Stuart Broad a challenge, something I love to do, which I hope he’s not done before.

Watch this video to see my challenge to Stuart!

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