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For further information and advice on asthma please contact your doctor or asthma nurse.

My Lung Letter

Hi, I’m Nicola Adams. Most people know me as a two-time Olympic champion, former WBO Flyweight champion and recent contestant on Strictly Come Dancing, but not necessarily as somebody who has asthma. It’s not a story I’ve talked about much previously, but I hope to inspire others who have asthma with my words – here’s my lung letter.

Diagnosed as a child, my doctor actively told my mum that I shouldn’t be allowed to run around too much, as my asthma was exercise induced. Now, as an adult I have gone on to win two Olympic golds – I’ve exceeded expectations. Asthma is always in the back of my mind, but I’m proud to say I think it is my dreams that define me and not asthma.

To learn more about my story, watch this video.

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