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For further information and advice on asthma please contact your doctor or asthma nurse.

My Lung Letter

My name is Stuart Broad, and I’ve been fortunate enough to make my passion my profession by being an England international cricketer since 2006. Every detail of my career is there for anyone to see, but what you probably don’t know is that like millions of others in the UK, I suffer from asthma. This is my lung letter.

Asthma has been a part of my life from a young age. I have grown to deal with it and see it as part of who I am today, but it’s not always been that way. It’s been a journey. My asthma could have easily set me onto a different career path, but I refused to let it define me. I learnt to manage my condition, taking it in my stride like a step in my bowling run-up and now I’m proud to say I’m defined by my dreams, not by my asthma.

Watch the video to find out more about my asthma story.

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